Saturday, March 26, 2011

::: NEW VIDEO ::: The Hong Kong Blood Opera --- Level 5 Song

First Video Release for the album "Not For The Faint Of Heart" .
The video was conceived by observing the effect that the flash has on the interlaced composition of a digital video recording. It all started by slowing or making stills of this effect and manipulating them in diverse ways; being by blending them on top of each other or scaling them or simply editing different sections next to another. The result was fresh, fun and a bit dizzy.
Hope you enjoy it as much as we did...!!

Video for the song LEVEL 5 SONG included in the album "Not For the Faint of Heart"

Available soon in USA [Full Effect Records]

Directed by: ::Martha†Poly::

Director of Photography : Pavel Muñoz [aka Patín Biónico]
Edited by: ::Martha†Poly::

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