Wednesday, December 1, 2010

::.Inspired by beauty..:: ELPY

ELPY is a gorgeous and amazing girl that will be featuring in my series RED LIPS, WHITE SKIN, GREY HEART, that i'll be exhibit at my photography school AAVI *blushes* on Dec 09.

You'll be seeing more of her i promise.

Friday, November 26, 2010

SONORAMA 2010 :: The almost personal "massive" Event.

It was pity that this festival was not as successful as expected. But personally, it was just fantastic to be able to see live some amazing projects that i had been wishing to see one day. Above all it was a very special day for me because i got to meet my biggest inspiration in life, the one that many of us can say: " after i saw his work i knew where my path in life was all about".
So, i got to meet Chris Cunnigham and it was just a beautiful moment and i don't want to say more because i'll sound cheesy and ridiculous.... :P

AFfter following Prefuse 73 all the way to San Diego about 4 years ago (or so) and having the show cancelled for very strange reasons, i finally got to see him here, in my city.

Addictive TV was also another amazing presentation that i had been wishing to at least one day get to experience live.

The laughter and great company of my baby boy Sebastian from HKBO and bandmates, and our dear friends from Descartes a Kant were also part of the evening's presentations.

so there you go. Even though i feel sorry for the organizers, i´m just glad that i got to see all of these shows as if it was an almost private party. No shoving, no yelling, no people on top of you, just plain enjoyment.
so with a smile on my face i share very few photos, of a day that meant a lot in my life.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

:::...Going analogue,...::: VICE party México

Haciendo un test artístico y veamos si aguanta lo monetario, de hacer ahora fotografía análoga. Si, empecé chueca, sin embargo, me voy enderezando. Definitivamente el cambio a análogo me ha hecho enamorarme aún más de la fotografía. Esperen más de esto.
Fotos hechas en Diana+F fuji 160 a color y Nikon B/W Ilford 400.

Thursday, March 11, 2010



Last saturday /march 6th/ I hanged out with the guys from Hong Kong Blood Opera (HKBO) who basically are one my most dearest bands. Why? well, because it is said that laughter heals everything, so let's just call these guys SOME DAMN GOOD DOCTORS.
After having a couple of drinks at my place, we headed out to see them play at Pasagüero. Their performance consists of loud music, funny faces in the midst of a headbanging, various tones and tunes of screams, sweat and a VERY VERY HAIRY GIRL..